Actor Kamal
Kamal alias kaleem pasha is the one Stop entertainment.

A multifaceted personality - From acting to sarod playing,
poet to writing books.

Natural Star and Most promising Actor of Sandalwood



Today being an inspiration of youths in acting and business carriers.



Is high on acting and life that is how his collection of achievement.

Dynamic Personality Kaleem

It is this very urge of helping people and doing something good for the society.

Passionate About Entertaining

His acting and poetry captures the spirit of all stages in life

Popular Among Students

The Biggest thrill is to see People Happy and Everything

Kaleem’s Poetry Truly Inspires

AA dynamic personality Kaleem Pasha come a long way towards life.


Kamal has his hands full of success stories

He began to write poems a child

Kaleem Pasha

Peoples from all sectors and popular among students, individuals, corporate, entrepreneur, actors.

Kaleem Pasha

A dynamic personality Kaleem Pasha come a long way with multifaceted perspective towards life.

Kaleem Pasha

“The Biggest thrill is to see People Happy” His poetry carries all flavors of Life that suits to all occasions.